Lazy Listen: The Minor Details – Ep#2

January 24, 2015
by Tjeerd van Erve

“You just want to bang me. I just want to break your heart. I set out for ruin, before we even make a start.”

I’m a sucker for lines like these, especially when sung in a seductive whisper like this. Thank Rotterdam-based trio The Minor Details’ EP#2. Not just for that opening line, the whole song is one seductive whirlwind, slowly but determinedly sucking you in to the swelling wall of noise.

Not to say there’s much poetry in the line itself. Guess it is the pure banality of it that attracts me: no fuzz, just shit served as the life it is. Which fits the topic of ‘Mutual Appreciation’; love, being loved or –better – not being loved back. The song really starts to hurt after a small but brilliantly executed melodic shift in the bassline, playfully jumpstarting the second portion of the song. Swelling layers of sound slowly build up in volume, as a female spoken word segment recites a pursuit for love and letting go.

This song is great. Seductive and addictive, meaning that the bright orange vinyl will fade quickly, as I have been playing it consecutively for hours. Way beyond the moment my youngest son started to hum along from start to end. Without error. Ep#2 would’ve been a disappointment if this was the only song worth mentioning. Luckily the other seven songs are worth the listen as well. Echoing much of the mid-nineties college rock and poppy indie rock, these Dutch indie rock veterans – who have performed in bands such as Mono (NL), Tokyo A Gogo, The Cuties, Room 101 and New Earth Group – know how to build catchy and intriguing indie rock tunes.

Opener ‘Welcome’ is contagious as it is aggressive, managing to combine indie rock with prog elements. The bleakish ‘Falling Star’, takes a walk into the fields of Nephilim dark synth wave,  discharging with shrieking guitar eruptions. All great tracks, be they indie rock, Belgo-electro dance or dark wave, but none as haunting as that closing track, which makes this record a worthwhile listen all on its own.


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