Lazy Listen: Paceshifters – Breach

August 30, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

Paceshifters Breach User Manual


In order to get the full “Breach” experience, there are a few steps one has to take. Please follow them with caution and make sure not to skip any of them. Remember, the following steps are NO advice!

1) Make sure you have a stereo set to ‘extra loud’. If not, buy a new one. Somewhere during the “Breach-session” you’ll want to crank up the volume, protect yourself from that disappointing moment where you find out that you can’t go any louder.
2) Warn the neighbours or make sure they aren’t home. You don’t want them calling the cops when their special granny’s china vase is rattling out of the wall cabinet. Or call a mental institution to put you in a stray jacket after they peeked through your window to see what the hell you are up to.
3) Do some stretching, a decent warm up. Especially when you are some years older, your stiff body will need the preparation for the movement that is bound to come.
4) When you are not 16, pretend you are. Sixteen and not giving a fuck about the rest. Let go of all conventions of behaviour. They suck! You. Are. Sixteen and ALIVE!
5) Now listen to some Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr. or some of those other great bands of the late eighties and early nineties, just for the vibe. Your body may already show some signs of movement. Get into the “Just Gimme Indie Rock!” mood. After all, you are sixteen! And it’s 1989! The world sucks! Rules suck! Guitars rule! Your parents don’t understand you, but you have INDIE ROCK!
6) Do some extra stretching.
7) Clean up the sofa from everything breakable. Actually clear the whole room from valuables you don’t want to see destroyed by uncontrolled movements.
8) Do some more stretching. This is vital.
9) Place the record in or on your player and drop the needle or push play.

Brace yourself.


Let go!
10) Listen to and experience one of the best freaking indie rock records you have heard in ages. Jump around, jump on your couch, play air guitar, fist pump, shake your head and swing your arms from time to time. Don’t worry about exhaustion, Paceshifters will shift pace to a lower gear in some songs; you can catch your breath there. Forget about the nagging ache in your knees and jump off your table and pretend you’re crowdsurfing to Memories. Let go and shout out, sing along with the catchy choruses. Probably not the deepest lyrics you haveheard, but they make sense and give you a sense of belonging; ‘When your lover becomes a friend/when your lover becomes a fr-uuuh-iend!!!. We’ve all been there…and we all messed it up. Scream! Louder! Make that clockwise movement with the volume button when one of the brothers in Dokman (Seb) dives head first into a Mascis-like guitarsolo and let it roll over you. Be the music, be the rhythm. Find that volume switch.
Indie Rock Galore
11) Play everything again. And again. You know you want to.

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