Lazy Listen: Space Siren – If You Scream Like That Your Monkey Won’t Come

July 7, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

Dormant, in a dream state. Waterfalls of warm water, a tropical rain storm, washing over you. You spread your arms to feel it touch skin. It’s nice, it’s soothing. You close your eyes and see colors take shape and gradually into whatever fantasy you conceive. This world evolves and revolves around you, turbulently moving around you as well as standing still. You’re flying, floating free. No goals set to reach, life is just there to be lived. And it flies by, the dream has taken hold of you. A seductive noise picks you up, forms the soundtrack to the dream and makes you feel beautiful and full of love. Braids of guitar lines surround you, entangle you like a wisteria entangles a tree. Beautiful soft-colored flowers pop from the branches, growing into infinity. In hailing the spores from the flowers bring you in a deeper trance; an inescapable head trip you don’t want to wake from. Whatever has caused this state of subconscious bliss, you want to grab hold to it and lose yourself in it…forever. If this were life itself, it would be great. You scream, joyful…and then the monkey will come.


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