Lazy Listen: Nikoo – Funsports

June 4, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

Lately I have engaged in taking the piss out of Joep van Son, stating that Funsports is a collection of four songs that’ll see the break through of Nikoo as the band has finally adapted a good punkish Foo Fighters sound. I even called him a sell out, claiming that this third release was only the first step towards their appearance on the Eurovision Song Festival. And that, in preparation for this they had already started working with acclaimed and famed songwriter/producer Tjeerd Bomhof; all just to gain commercial success.

You see, me and Joep regularly indulge in these sort of conversations; cherishing our (self chosen) ‘underground’ niche, full of self loathing and pity, whilst (hopefully) not taking ourselves too seriously. Fact though is that this is the best Nikoo release up to this date. Still hinting on the jaunty screamo noise rock the band presented on the first two ep’s (which were already great), the Einhoven noise-ensemble has added pop and punk aesthetics on Funsports. Four tracks that actually do make you wonder why these songs are not great indie hits yet.

Hyper active pop punk drenched in noise, played on guitars that are used as sledge hammers hammering melodies and refrains in your brain. The six piece forces you to dance; those swinging bass lines ‘Upsetter’ are unescapable. Or they want to make you jump around, just like those young punks at a Blink 182 shows. Man! Whilst listening to Funsports you will want to sweat it out, fist pump and shout along with Joep as loud as Joep shouts (whom is clearly over straining his vocal chords here).

And it is loud; e-nor-mous-ly loud. Even when played at low volume Funsports sounds over the top and makes your soundsystem sound like the bass cone is clipping. Sound seems to come from everywhere, and all at the same level, washing the melody over you. A great experience, and if my perfect world would exist this would really mean the big break for Nikoo (not kidding you now, Joep), as there are very few bands that combine catchy hyper pop punk with fierce noisy metal riffs as Nikoo does in closer ‘The Coast’ (the one with Dazzled Kid). But I guess my perfect world does not consist more people than the fifteen buying this cassette, all enjoying this little perfect punkish noise rock gem.


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