Lazy Listen: WOLVON – Bother.

May 29, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

There’s this part in the second half of ‘Better Mammals’ which makes me wonder whether WOLVON have been listening to the older My Dying Bride and Anathema records. Dragging slow, distorted and long dissonant chords that pose threat of an Armageddon to come over a heavy and deep kicked bass drum; a trademark of the early dirty doom metal. And that’s just the thing with sound of the three piece; either they act like sponges of their own music collection, sucking up everything they ever heard and wringing it out in their own unique sound. Or making you tap into your own music history just to give the band’s unique sound a place somewhere within that catalogue. Either way, there is no other noise rock band that sounds like WOLVON at the moment, and anyway I hear it – as I heard soul in the debut full length – thus I make the reference.


Not that it is impossible to name, frame or place WOLVON. Actually Bother. opens memory lane for those who’ve experience the early nineties first hand. ‘BTHR’, the opening track, for example sounds like the concert DJ after a Sonic Youth show already started a fucked Hüsker Dü track while Lee, Kim and Thurston are still wrecking up their guitars in one big distorted, high pitched feedback fest: melody and catchy post-hardcore drenched in guitar torment. ‘Fair Game’ subsequently sounds like a militant noise rock take on rave, the opening guitar riff following the structure of techno music. 

And in this, WOLVON are literally dwarves on the shoulders of giants, bringing a broad range of influences of noise rock bands such as Sonic Youth, Unwound and Cop Shoot Cop. And as such, recreating it into some form of post-noise sonic terrorism. Impressive, loud, yet melodic. And, I must add, highly addictive; even more so than Folds. You will want to listen to Bother. over and over again, as every song on this four track ep tops the best of the previous full length. It makes you wonder, or at least it makes me wonder, where this is going to next since this Groningen three piece clearly has not stopped growing yet.

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