MTT – Years From Now

March 8, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Casket Girls. Especially their most recent effort True Love Kills The Fairy Tale, which is small electronic shoegaze masterpiece hovering in the realms of dreampop. A mystical wave of synth-orientated pop that rolls over you for a good forty minutes.

It gets you lost and unwilling to ever be found again. Probably one of the best records in its genre one can get here this year, going beyond the Xerox method and giving the synth wave sound of the late eighties a new spark. Comparably to what bands like Exit Music, Austra, Zola Jesus or Braids have done in the previous years, all within their own little sphere.

Surely a record not to be missed. One point I should make: whilst drowning in the new The Casket Girls and repeating an older tape of their self-titled debut (and Record Store Day release) EP, I  had no time left to dive into the growing pile of new Dutch and Belgian releases. A pile which hides several gems as well, some of them in the same field as the addictive synth wave of the aforementioned The Casket Girls. Yet each having their own unique feel to it, MTT being one of them.

While initially more towards electronic and early dreamy trip hop bands such as Laika, Moonshake, Curve and Stereolab the second album of the trio* offers a set of dark, downtempo dance tracks. All tunes on Years From Now have this soft mist of mystery hanging over them, some what in the way Kate Bush always manages to get a ghost hovering in the room, therefor creat this idea of escapism.

The multi-layered electronic disco makes me drift, slowly wobbling on synth waves, pulling me into a sweet rouse. You could dance to it (all things considered I don’t dance) in the deeper moments of the night and slowly get lost.

Years From Now doesn’t only cobble though: MTT knows how to bite and does so with small eruptions that always come by surprise. For example, the sudden guitar eruption by Thanos Fotiadis (all other guitars are played by Bo Menning**) in “Hours”. Even though it is not as addictive as True Love Kills The Fairy Tale of The Casket Girls, Years From Now copes fine as replacement drug when played on repeat. A good Dutch dream to drown in.

* The band debuted as Minus The Tiger. No clue what lead to the name change.

** also known as Aestrid, another Dutch band one must love, who also happens to be co-partner with MTT on Dutch label Fishermann Records.

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