The Girl Who Cried Wolf – Ohm

March 17, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

It was after a show by Coldair when Samir Boureghda handed me a three track début EP Ohm by Antwerp-based band The Girl Who Cried Wolf. The five-piece band opened for lone Pole with a short but impressive show. But I was a lazy arse and only took some amateur shots…and placed them on the site. Since that late January show, I’ve been listening to those three songs though. Not constantly, but often enough to now know all the details by heart. And there are quite some details. In the arrangements, in the layers of sounds and in the rhythms. Mixing Portishead‘s jazzy sound with the lower end of Neurosis, Isis and other post-metal machines, The Girl Who Cries Wolf leaves us with a dark but soft-paced swing you can either bang your head along in metal frenzy…or erotically twirl your body to it.

The combination of Heleen Destuyver’s husky voice with Sofie Sweygers’s Rachel’s-like cello gives the band this tempting, trippy sound, swinging freely around the darker and heavier riffs of Boureghda (whom some of you might remember handling bass, guitar and electronics in Atlantis). Not that there’s a direct musical link, but the threatening atmosphere is comparable to say the least. A combined love for Massive Attack, Portishead and post-metal is essentially the basis of both bands. With The Girl Who Cries Wolf, it mostly comes down to a melancholic darkened jazz. Promising, seeing Ohm is only three songs. Surely a band that we’ll be keeping an eye on.

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