Betonfraktion – Sure ‘Nuff ‘n Yes We Do

February 21, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

Sometimes you have to leave the safe and confident world of what you know to be remembered of what you actually do know. Thus I had to leave Tilburg and travel to Leiden: not just to have the best sardines I had in ages, but also to be reminded of one of the best experimental punk bands hailing from Tilburg at this very moment: Betonfraktion. It was when Richard was cooking – hell, those sardines were good – when his partner, Mariska, asked if I knew them. I had to admit to her that I did know the name, but had lost track of them ever since seeing their live debut in 2008.

I felt stupid, especially when once she started to explain to me how great they were: direct, honest and unique. It appalled me, as I’m always giving up about hollering for my home town hometown, but yet not being able to celebrate one of the best things our own our own experimental music scene had produced. My only thought was: “Wow! They have a full-length record and I totally missed that.”

Luckily, here is the moment to make good for my past failure. Betonfraktion has a new ep out. Record by Niels Duffhuës (Whose albums I did review. To no avail, anyway, seeing he is still not the world star he should be).  Sure ‘Nuff ‘n Yes We Do is a collection of four dirty, experimental noise rock tunes that should have a warning sticker stuck to them saying: “Warning! Only play on extreme high volume!” Betonfraktion is one of those bands that make it all sound easy, but when you take a closer listen you’ll notice that nothing in these songs is as simple as it seems. Not all that much of a surprise with a conservatory-schooled guitar player and a professional drummerista on the pots. Betonfraktion might initially sound like some spontaneous music eruption, but every tone is composed, organized and precisely placed.

It’s almost as if Frank Zappa joined forces with Butthole Surfers, Enablers and Glenn Branca to record this homicidal jazz, post-punk and noise rock onslaught. Poetic punk terrorism (no, this time I am not referring to Hakim Bey) in a smearing battering noise, clearly going for the outer limits of your imagination. Four songs of out-of-the-box music, simple joy for the adventurous ear. And all this from my own hometown. Lets go celebrate!!!

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