Herrek – A M

January 5, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve

Recording in the night asks for muffled guitar play and hushed vocals. Singing under the breath, the words get a different tension, a different tone and tremor. Warmer, more comforting, and singing at a slower pace. When left more time for the words kick in, songs develop at a different rate and leave a different mark. It’s what happens when the muse comes at night: as the neighbours already find their way into their beds, she has to tiptoe around instead of jump up and down in your guitar. And it is precisely that nightly muse engaging in a slow but detailed dance throughout A M, the follow-up to Waktu Dulu, Herrek‘s fine full length of early 2013. Eighteen minutes only, five songs, capturing the sweet silence of the night. Mournful, recapitulating like dreams, these songs unfold slow, stretching time with every low paced tone, like only the long unwinding hours of the deep dark can stretch time. Words carry remainders of red wine, shreds of dreams and long burning memories reflecting on the day. A M as a.m. is, recording before the morning comes and the magic of the night is gone.

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