Apneu – Hard Feelings

January 4, 2014
by Tjeerd van Erve


Boredom is a bitch. Boredom is handclaps in sad song. Boredom is nonchalance, an annoyed tremolo in the voice. Boredom is dragging melodies, bathing in treble. Boredom is not playing your songs any longer then necessary, because every unnecessary addition keeps you away form sipping your beer. Boredom is sipping your beer. Boredom is staying home on saturday night to write a song about going out on saturday night. Boredom is a witty tail in every line. Boredom is the pool that gave birth to rock n roll, punk, indie rock and everything that leaves us clutching our beer with one fist, swinging the other one around. Boredom is clutching your beer and swinging the other fist around high above your head. Boredom is a set of slackers playing simple but catchy riffs that stick in your brain for eternity. Boredom is Apneu and, yes, boredom is cool. Way fucking cool.


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