Mindpark – “Allow”

December 10, 2013
by Jasper Willems



Well, ain’t that something! It’s been awhile since we heard from one of Eindhoven’s prodigal sons. Mindpark‘s beginnings can be traced back to wonderfully Gordian-artrockers Sweet Assembler, with enigmatic wunderkind Ralph Timmermans and cerebral skinsman Johan Reijnders remaining as the group’s consistent driving forces. Ever since their transition to Mindpark, the duo has endured a roundabout of line-up changes, most recently the departure of Timmermans’s Flemish chum Jeroen Coudron (Zexy Superglue). Taking his place is former The Surs oddball-guitarist Max van den Hout and amicable Amsterdam-based songstress Rebecca Sier. While Timmermans’s headstrong creative excursions have spearheaded Mindpark for a good five-or-so years, these two additions are sure to precipitate a different kind of dynamic.

Evidently with their newest track “Allow”, which immediately puts Sier at center stage. Given Mindpark’s penchant for ambitious, embellished pop orchestration, “Allow’ is surprisingly sparse and straight-forward, allowing – pun intended – Sier’s sultry vocal sprawls ample latitude to shine. Other than the sullen yet coquettish guitar progressions, Timmermans’s spectral, reverb-drenched vocals augment an unnerving undercurrent. “Allow”‘s voyeuristic pop noir waltz outlines perhaps a different direction for Mindpark’s anticipated follow-up to elusive masterpiece “We Will Adapt”.

You can listen to “Allow” here.

Apparently, the song was written to accompany this painting by Daubigny, which is on display at the Groninger Museum. Quite an apt musical piece to say the least; we sensed sort of a “seafaring” aesthetic before we even laid our eyes on the artwork!