Meitje – It Takes A Lot

December 10, 2013
by Tjeerd van Erve

I have a soft spot for the weird. Somehow it triggers me when people dare to go out of the familiar and push themselves into something “out of the ordinary”, somewhere out side of their comfort zone. It Takes A Lot, the combined effort of Wu-Tang clan affiliated hip hop producer Shroom and former Wooden Constructions frontman Gover Meit, is such an out of the box product. As Meitje the two of them explore the weird as if it is their personal backyard. We a remarkable agility we hear them hopping from reggae to a punky Beastie Boys styled hip hop, pass through fields of Jazzmatazz and 1990s Mo’Wax or run aggressive circles in a bush of grime, whilst all the while avoiding the predictable as a cat does water. It is not so much a cross over, as it is a very creative take on hip hop, calling in mind artists such as Subtle and the outlandish rhymes and beats of Son Of Bazerk. Left field hip hop that has set out to a new frontier. Not that every challenge the two have taken up on them resulted in success (Really, that preposterous six minute long guitar solo in ‘Ode To Bill Bush’? What was that all about?), but overall It Takes A Lot is an enjoyment to listen to. Shroom showcases a divers spectrum of beats and atmospheres he can work with, as Meit excels in the use of his vocals, making it hard to believe that it is actually one guy doing all the raps. Sometimes neurotic, like singing from the restriction of a stray jacket, other moments in your face aggressive or in a pumped up weirdness, he dresses his voice in the coating the song needs. And this can also be the haunted preacher man, Tom Waits style, leading you in a dirty ass mantra, bringing hip hop back to its partial roots in krautrock, like in ‘Chelsea’.

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