Katadreuffe – Malconfort

December 9, 2013
by Tjeerd van Erve

malconfort 2
Awesome greatness. Lets not beat around the bush here, and just simply address it as it is; Malconfort is the record you have been waiting for, whether you knew it or not. One step into the fierce storming mosh pit of whirling noise, tumultuous melodies and mathematical rhythm and you’ll realise this is the record you have been missing this year. A year where you’ve been predominantly tortured by revival hippies who were celebrated as “the new coming of the Lord” (too numerous to mention but wtf… Unknown Mortal Orchestra etc., etc.),  or some old Heroes that decided they weren’t dead yet. This year still needed something pure, raw and original to top things off. To make it complete, so to speak.

Katadreuffe‘s intentions are clear right off the bat with opening track ‘False Alarms’. This quartet wants to get you to dance with their ferocious and spiky noise rock. Cop Shoot Cop, Girls Against Boys and some other East Coast American noise rebels are the obvious inspiration. But these song push the envelope and bring the sound to another level. A funky danceable fire built on the foundation of post-hardcore, angry youth beat-poetry and a hell of a fierce pounding sonic hammer; mashed over your head with loud and shrieking guitar noise that makes most hipster hip copy cat bands sound like whimsy kids wetting their pants while trying to rewrite the soundtrack to “The Doors” movie. Katadreuffe beats them all, with one hand bound to the back.

Even more so than on the already excellent mini albums ‘Quel Gargantua!’ and ‘Period’, the foursome’s unique sound is very very noticeable; blending the New York post-hardcore of the nineties with some bittersweet new freakiness and Louisville weirdness. Even adding a hint of tribalism in ‘The Juggler’, Katadreuffe goes beyond the know boundaries, moving further where ground breaking bands such as Rodan, Shellac, Girls Against Boys and others stopped some what like twenty years ago. Mixing pop (POP, yes POP) with the mathematical inclination of noise rock, it screws melodies in your head that stick and kick those feet around your living room. Or at least, that’s what happened to me. Fucked up and buzzed out on this square form of funk noise post-hardcore, or what ever you wanna call it. Guess Awesome greatness! should do.

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