Town Of Saints – Something To Fight With

November 13, 2013
by Tjeerd van Erve

Today, the sun is shining. Just what I needed. I don’t mind the dark days of autumn, its cold nor rainy weather. And actually, I love the colours this season brings. Still, the soft-toned, yet warm sun rays revive me. And I let them wash over me.

In the background, some indie folk/punk rock combo is playing an upbeat mood into my ears. A newborn: the debut LP of Dutch/Finnish band Town Of Saints. The cherry on top of the ten-year anniversary cake of Snowstar Records. Yet again, Cedric Muyres unearthed a jewel to release on his label. Well actually, on the label of the artists, ran by the little f*****r, since the motto of the label is about as punk as you can get; they are Doing It Together. For ten years already now – punk attitude-wise, while folk in output. So hugs and kisses from us (quite sure I can speak for Mr. Willems and Mr. Foster here), luv, kisses.

But I’m digressing. That’s what the sun tends to do to me. Especially in combination with some great tunes that emphasize the warmth, colour and life brought by the sun. Man, I should go out and stroll through the park and enjoy this autumn bliss. But the music is keeping me inside. Colour textures as diverse as the leaves outside, the songs on Something To Fight With jump from the most inner and outer regions indie folk and punk, yet they still form a unity.

Town Of Saints neither conforms nor copies – even though it wouldn’t be hard to smash you around the head with a dozen of musical references. After all, Town Of Saints isn’t the first band mixing indie rock with folk. But please do read somewhere else to find these references, this band clearly dresses the songs into the attire they need. When there’s a need for a more progressive rock approach of the songs, Town Of Saints will do so. If they have use of musical fields of Celtic folk as stepping stone or dig themselves into the Balkans, these boys and girls will dig deep and make it their own.

Though the future is hard to predict, this cherry on top of the anniversary cake will probably be the biggest release of Snowstar Records since I Am Oak‘s acclaimed Oasem (another great Dutch release). The songs are catchy, fit the folk revival that has been hitting the mainland from Great-Britain for the last decade and meet the quality of the leading artists in aforementioned revival. Many bases have already been covered in fields of folk and Town Of Saints won’t bring you a very new sound. But it’s the quality that matters, not the originality – the quality and the songs- and Town Of Saints certainly has that covered with potential smash hits like ‘Something To Fight With’, ‘Carousel’, ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Direction’.

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