Incubate 2013: Dead Neanderthals pitch in

September 11, 2013
by Richard Foster

With another fantastic edition of Incubate pending our cranium will have to account for an overabundance of great artists. Hence, we asked Dead Neanderthals‘s Rene Aquarius to pitch in his recommendations.

Photo: Tjeerd van Erve

Photo: Tjeerd van Erve

Dead Neandertips

We’re not serving you any big bands or no-brainers in this list of tips. Those acts will get a big crowd anyway. We’ll direct you to some cool jewels from the underground instead.
Oh, and by the way: we won’t limit ourselves to just five bands. Sometimes you gotta choose not to make a choice.

In no particular order:

Modern music for the modern (wo)man. Abstract, hard, tight.
Nick Millevoi

Solo guitar player from the States. If you’re into drones and noise, go see this! After this gig, we’re hitting the road together for a big-ass European tour! We’re even doing a couple of trio-shows.

Sax & drum improv. Fucking amazing! Really happy these dudes will be making people cry at this year’s Incubate festival.
Louis Minus Seize
Not your average (read: boring) Jazz-Rock band, but one that actually infuses some kick ass ROCK into their music. Fresh and stylish. Go see them!
I’m not into electronic music at all, so I don’t know how to pigeonhole this, so I’ll give you some random shit like ‘dark’, ‘oppressing’ and ‘electric’. Who cares, just go and see them!
I Am Oak
Finally, some room to breathe between all this crazy stuff. Great songs, good vibe.
Last, but certainly not least. Some blatant self-promotion, ’cause 50% of Dead Neanderthals = 25% of Mannheim. Screaming sax, crushing bass… a band you need to experience live!



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