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BlackboxRed – “Stripper”

September 30, 2013
by Jasper Willems


As a child, that heart rip scene from Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom gave me the heebie jeebies, each and every time. That was until I was around ten years old, during a family vacation in France. My parents kept filling my pockets with coins so I would keep playing the Mortal Kombat-machine placed in the hotel lobby, enabling them some much needed confab. Being on the receiving end of that Kano heart rip fatality twenty something times supposedly eliminated  this general dread for anything involving the extraction of someone’s throbbing ticker. But boy, that was the most fun I ever had.

I must say I’m quite thankful lo-fi garage duo BlackboxRed waited a good two decades to release their video for “Stripper”, the first single off their upcoming LP “The Gunner And The Ghost”. This fiery, raunchy blues stomper comes equipped with serrated guitar riffs and the haunting shrieking vocals of singer/guitarist (and total bombshell) Eva.

If you’re into some good clean fun, watch the video and eat your heart out. No seriously, you might as well do it, because this is the exact opposite. But nonetheless, heaps of *fun.

“The Gunner and The Ghost” will be released on Geertruida October 11th.


*Disclaimer: if one considers content suggesting cannibalism, sadomasochism and torture their idea of “fun”**

** Disclaimer II: what kind of sick individual are you, anyway?

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