The Daydream Fit – Make Me Forget

August 9, 2013
by Tjeerd van Erve

The Daydream Fit – Make Me Forget

Three sharp, energetic songs are the first signs of life that Dutch noise-emo-rock-racket group The Daydream Fit sent into the world. And they are promising signs. Taking ingredients from the nineties underground, this foursome developed a sound that fits somewhere between Fireside, Feverdream, Jimmy Barock* and the early Cursive, as melodic and catchy as it is noisy…and slightly disturbing. A band that would have fit perfectly on the Deep Elm-roster in the early Noughties, where bands such as The Appleseed Cast and Slowride managed to combine the sounds of indie rock, shoegaze, post rock, noise rock and emo rock ** to a unique selling point.

The three songs recorded in their own rehearsal room bring a certain unpolished charm and roughness in the sound. It emits a punky DIY-vibe, emphasized by a constant conflict between lead- and solo guitars. While the latter constantly hisses, sings in delay, echoes and reverbs, the first builds hooks and melodies on top of these noisy layers. A brotherly fight that often leads to harmony. This is also reflected in the way the two vocals combine: one bears more melodic lead vocals while the other applies spoken vocals reminiscent of New York (post)hardcore.

With three songs this is of course a small sample size, but it does give a good image of what to expect. This band takes ample time to thrive into something even more beautiful. Surely, all ingredients are present in these initial three tracks, which show The Daydream Fit’s knack for correlating hooks with menacing but attractive guitar noise. For a band that’s only been playing as a four-piece for little over a year, they have quite strong ideas of what their sound and direction entails.

* Yes, I am well aware of the connection between these bands, as I am aware that most non-Dutch readers will have any idea what I am referring to. Heck! Most Dutch readers will not have any clue, which is probably why we started Luifabriek in the first place.

** Which is just another name for indie rock played by ex-hardcore bands

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