A starting point

July 31, 2013
by Tjeerd van Erve

There ain’t nothing wrong with the Dutch underground. While I am writing this I am, standing in the back of an overly filled Stage01 during the ‘Nostradamus’ festival Here’s your Future. traumahelikopter is playing – the third Dutch band this evening – and the hall in front of me is in full swing. ‘The kids’* are digging it! Before traumahelikopter we’ve seen Mozes And The Firstborn and WOLVON** breaking down the same stage in the smallest hall and heard Neon Rainbows, S As In Assassins, Avery Plains, Machinefabriek, Herrek and several other Dutch bands pass by under the dj’s needle. So, yes, the Dutch indie underground is alive and, if the predictable powers of the second edition of Here’s Your Future are as strong as they were with the first edition***, ready to explode.

Ranging from garagepunk to noise pop, there is only one thing binding these bands, all three have produce a record with international allure this year, ready to rock the roll. As are we, your guides at Luifabriek.

* my guess is that the average age is 25 up, but this ‘kid’, your corespondent, is one of many pushing that age demographic up. Maybe it’s the “economic crisis”, maybe it’s just the return of the (musical) Golden Age, but anyways the Dutch Independent Underground is booming, blooming. Be that Rats On Rafts, The Black Atlantic, Nouveau Vélo****, Bismuth or Neon Rainbows, we are here to bring them under your attention because you DON’T wanna miss out on them. No, you don’t.

** our personal love child

*** the first edition in 2011 had Ty Segall and Cloud Nothings, amongst others, that made the scene in 2012.

**** another one of our darlings

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